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    FAIR Spirits Lineup for 2015

    The FAIR. Lineup

    We now offer the following spirits & liqueurs for 2015:

    Would Bond Drink a Quinoa Martini? Courtesy The WSJ ~ Weekend Sip

    We have put in a lot of love, time, and patience to bring you an exceptional quinoa based vodka, a rich flavored café liqueur, a smokey 5-year oak barrel-aged rum, a true London Gin, and a distinctive goji liqueur.


    Our process starts with sourcing key ingredients from our partner countries, all of which qualify as developing markets and therefore benefit economically from Fair Trade Certified initiatives. We chose these sources on the basis of ingredient quality and purity. The farmers with whom we deal use sustainable agricultural methods and their crops are pesticide, herbicide and GMO free.


    We use ocean-going vessels to transport ingredients and FAIR. products, maintaining a low carbon footprint in keeping with our mission of environmental consideration. Despite the long distances, we actually produce less CO2 from our shipping of ingredients and finished goods than a facility located in Texas would in shipping a truckload of vodka to California or New York.


    We selected the Cognac region in France as the production location for FAIR. products based on a combination of important reasons - the availability of pure limestone spring water, high quality local glass works and packaging experts, and state of the art distilleries. The Cognac region has a culture that celebrates the environment, high quality spirits and a healthy, natural life style.

    Join Us

    Our FAIR. products are the only line of spirits to actively support a sustainable, socially responsible lifestyle. Join us in our journey to expand this sensibility through these high quality products and spread the word. Thank you for being part of a FAIR new world!



    FAIR. Vodka quietly boasts some impressive awards:

    • 96 Point Score, Superlative Platinum (BTI - 2013)
    • Double Gold, Best Imports (Fifty Best - 2012)
    • Silver Medal, SF World Spirits Competition (2011)
    • Best of Category, (NYSA - 2009)
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    The Classic Martini:

    1. Preparation

      Chill FAIR. Quinoa Vodka until the temperature hovers at 28°. Gather ice, a chilled, stemmed glass with an inverted cone bowl, cubed ice, a cocktail shaker, a shot glass, quality vermouth, & green olives.

    2. Mixing it up

      Pour a little bit of dry vermouth in the chilled cocktail glass and swirl to coat the inside of the glass. Dispose of excess vermouth. In a shaker full of ice, gently swirl or stir 2 oz. of vodka before straining into glass.

    3. Garnish

      While FAIR. Quinoa Vodka is perfectly happy with a lemon twist, green olives are the classic show. Pair with Fair Trade Certified fruit and savor all that is good.

     Fair Trade Certified

    Fair Trade Certified goods are just that. Fair. From far-away farms to your shopping cart, products that bear the Fair Trade Certified logo come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. We help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities.

    Learn more » about the farmers and co-op's FAIR. Spirits has involved in this endeavor.

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    Quinoa Seed


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    Sugar Cane


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    Coffee Beans


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    Goji Fruit


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    Juniper Berry


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    Discover Incan Gold

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      Aqotango is the world’s first quinoa beer. Crafted from all natural ingredients, it has a delicious flavor, satisfying aroma and smooth finish that pairs well with any food.

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      We use 90% recycled materials in our packaging, so we are not cutting down trees. With that savings, maybe you will pick up an extra six pack to celebrate.

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      We select the best ingredients possible and brew in small batches to ensure top quality and freshness. There are no additives, flavor enhancers, syrups or extenders.

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      Low Gluten

      Aqotango is an excellent choice for those individuals looking to reduce their gluten consumption but who don’t want to sacrifice flavor. Quinoa has long been considered a superfood because of its nutritional content…first by the Incas and now by consumers all over the world.



    We’re so excited about our new craft beer (a full flavored, low gluten beer made with an unexpected, unique ingredient – quinoa), that we wanted to tell you about it now! Learn more »

    In fact, if not for the West Coast dock strike, you would have been able to taste this beer already. (Our new fermenters were on a vessel in San Francisco harbor and are now making their way back to San Francisco).

    Our Name

    Aqotango (named after a famous mountain in the Bolivian altiplano, home of much of the world’s quinoa) is a great tasting beer with the flavor you would expect in a premium amber ale. It's also naturally low in gluten, due to the quinoa base, which sets us apart.


    Aqotango is the result of a multi-year research effort to determine the optimal ingredient combination and production methodology that results in a well-balanced smooth amber ale. As a plus, Aqotango supports the low gluten life style many people follow today. When you taste it, you’ll be drinking a delicious beer that is naturally less than 10ppm total gluten.

    Follow Us

    Our first brew will be available in Northern California. Bookmark this page and follow Bay Pac on Twitter to learn when Aqotango will be available in stores near you.

  • Belle Chasse™ logo

    House Vodka

    Unique & Distinct

    While this exceptional vodka will please even the most demanding consumer, we had the professional mixologist and bar manager in mind when developing it. The combination of distinctive taste, a bottle designed for use in the well, and an approachable price distinguishes Belle Chasse from the common vodkas available everywhere. Learn More »

    For the Mixologist

    We began by interviewing top mixologists to understand what they felt was most important in their choice of a vodka. We learned that their first priority was to have the highest quality liquid. This means a vodka that is neutral, with a smooth approach and a pleasantly warm finish… a spirit that doesn't need hiding, but rather one that blends seamlessly with a palette of flavors, enabling the mixologist to create interesting drinks that are not overpowered by the vodka.

    For the Bar Manager

    As we talked with bar managers, we learned that their priority was the same as their mixologists… with the added requirement of value. They want a quality vodka at a reasonable price.

    Bottle Design

    The bottle design was the next most important factor. Professionals want a light weight bottle with a broad base and a neck that is easy to hold while pouring. It also shouldn't be too tall, since height affects the balance and maneuverability. Glass was the universal material of choice as it protects the quality and can be easily recycled. The closure is designed for ease of use. Learn More »

    Creating a Quality Vodka

    Cognac, France

    Contrary to popular belief and marketing hype, vodka quality is determined by the skill of the master distiller rather than by the number of distillations and filtrations. In our search for where to produce our vodka, we carefully evaluated many locations around the world, and finally selected a boutique distillery in the Cognac region of France. Distillation has been perfected in this area over the past 400 years and the art of distilling is part of the culture.

    The Hunt

    In recognition of our search leading us to the Cognac region, we selected Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt as our symbol and the name Belle Chasse, which means Beautiful Hunt in French.

    GMO Free

    We use only the highest quality French wheat, which is GMO free.

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