This exceptional vodka was designed specifically for the professional mixologist at work or at home. In fact, we asked them details about their preferences and listened carefully. They told us that their most important priority is a product that meets the highest organoleptic standards.


Mixologists want a vodka that offers a neutral taste to blend seamlessly with a series of other flavors, a smooth approach and a pleasant warm finish. Our master distiller combines GMO free wheat and pure limestone spring water to deliver the taste characteristics desired by the most sophisticated mixologists


Bottle Design

Professionals understand and care about ergonomics. They want a lightweight bottle with a broad base, easy to hold neck and a height that fits comfortably in the well. The bottle should be balanced to avoid repetitive stress injuries in high volume venues.


The Stelvin℠ speed closure used for Belle Chasse protects product quality and is easy to open. Glass is the material of choice, mixologists told us. It gives customers confidence in the quality of the container, protects the product, and is easy to recycle.



Many vodkas positioned as premium products today spend more money on the bottle and marketing than on the vodka itself. We choose to put quality inside the bottle, making Belle Chasse the perfect choice for a house vodka.


The combination of GMO free wheat, distinctive taste, easy-to-use bottle and affordable price distinguishes Belle Chasse from other readily available alternatives. Try this vodka…, the difference is obvious.

Belle Chasse

House Vodka